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In Cittadella del Capo, a prestigious tourist resort on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, just a few kilometres from Diamante, you will find the Hotel Club Residence Martinique. In Martinique, a prestigious structure, directly on the blue and transparent sea and surrounded by lush gardens, you can choose between a holiday in a 4-star hotel or a more independent holiday in a luxurious apartment. If you do not want to travel by your car, the Hotel Club Residence Martinique is located a few kilometers from the railway stations of Diamante, Paola and Scalea and 80 km from the airport of Lamezia Terme. All you have to do is notify us in good time and we will be waiting for you on arrival by shuttle!

The Residence Martinique consists of 128 apartments, elegantly furnished, with private garden and sea view. All apartments are equipped with air conditioning, two bathrooms for the three rooms, equipped kitchenette with refrigerator.

Bilo (41 sqm): entrance with sofa for two people, kitchenette, double bedroom and bathroom

Trilo (60 sqm): entrance room with sofa for two people, kitchenette, 2 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.


5° letto supplementare _ € 50,00 a letto (richiesta obbligatoria in prenotazione )

6° letto supplementare _ € 50,00 a letto (richiesta obbligatoria in prenotazione )

*Costi obbligatori (da aggiungere alla locazione)
Formula Residence

3 quote 287,00          5 quote 427,00
4 quote 357,00          6 quote 476,00

Il numero è dato dal totale degli occupanti l'appartamento, da 3 (all'arrivo superiore a 36 mesi) a 99 anni
L' importo è comprensivo di tessere club, forfait consumi, pulizia finale (tranne cucina e immondizia a cura del cliente), servizio spiaggia, navetta

*ARIA CONDIZIONATA (1 splitter ad appartamento) per settimana € 50,00 prenotazione obbligatoria
*CULLA (0/2 anni) € 25,00
NOLO BIANCHERIA DA BAGNO (a cambio ‐ 1 lavandin.‐1bidet‐1telo doccia) € 12,00
*ANIMALI DI PICCOLA TAGLIA (disinfestazione ‐ max 1 ad appart.) € 50,00 a sett. (vietati nelle zone comuni e in spiaggia/piscina)
Pulizia apparrtamento intermedia BILO € 35,00 TRILO € 45,00
Conv. FB AD. € 235,00 3/6 anni € 175,00


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5° extra bed u € 50,00 per bed (required reservation )

6° extra bed u € 50,00 per bed (required reservation )
*Mandatory costs (to be added to the rental)
Formula Residence

3 person 287.00 5 person 427.00
4 person 357,00 6 person 476,00

The number is given by the total occupants of the apartment, from 3 (on arrival more than 36 months) to 99 years
The amount includes club cards, consumption package, final cleaning (except kitchen and garbage by the client), beach service, shuttle

*AIR CONDITIONING (1 splitter per apartment) per week € 50,00 booking required
*BABY COT (0/2 years) € 25,00
RENT LINEN  BATHROOM (change 1 lavender. 1bidet 1towel shower) € 12,00
LINEN BED CHANGE (in bed) € 12,00
*SMALL-SIZED ANIMALS (disinfestation max 1 per apartment) € 50,00 per week. (prohibited in public areas and beach/pool)
Cleaning intermediate apartment BILO € 35,00 TRILO € 45,00
Conv. FB AD. € 235,00 3/6 years € 175,00